After an exhausting time spent in Cusco, we made our way to Arequipa for a few days of relaxation.

Arequipa is situated in a picturesque setting, framed by three volcanos. Due to its being located in a seismically precarious area (the last big earthquake occurred in 2001 and caused significant damage), the city consists of sturdy, Baroque buildings which are actually very pretty, particularly in the main plaza.

There is not much else to say about our time here as we spent the days reading, playing pool (2-0 to me), and resting our aching limbs after the trek to Macchu Piccu. Moreover, the weather was terrible and didn’t stop raining! Tim was pretty keen to climb the famous Chachani peak, a 6200m volcanoes that dominates the surrounding landscape, however unfortunately, the weather didn’t permit. Next time maybe..

One thing that is worth a mention, however, is the chocolate in Arequipa. As a full blown chocoholic there have been many moments during our travels where I have regretted not packing another backpack solely with Dairy Milk and Galaxy bars. To my delight, however, there were a number of chocolate cafes – and even a chocolate factory! – which we lost no time in visiting each day, despite the weather.

Arequipa is undoubtedly a beautiful place but with the weather being what it was and with us being so tired, we didn’t really experience it as we should have. If we went back – and having tasted their brownies there’s a good chance I might – I’d definitely take the time to appreciate it more.


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