Baños, Ecuador

Baños is one of the adrenaline capitals of South America and, as our first stop in Ecuador, we had high hopes for it.  As Baños is situated in a valley surrounded by lush green mountains, there are many waterfalls in the area and a popular activity is to hire bikes and cycle the 'waterfall trail', …

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Bolivia and Peru had given us a pretty tough few weeks. A tight schedule, lots of sight sight seeing, and, of course, Machu Picchu, had pushed us to our absolute limits both physically and emotionally (Lauren still wakes up screaming). Our bones ached and we yearned for somewhere to chill out for a few days, …

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Bolivia Part 1 -Sucre and La Paz

 Sucre Our first stop in Bolivia (after the briefest of visits to Uyuni) was Sucre, Bolivia's capital city. This city goes against everything we've come to expect of a South American capital city. Towering sky scrapers were replaced with small white, terracotta roofed houses, wide freeways were replaced with narrow cobbled streets and bustling …

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