Our Route


So we have a pretty loose idea of when we’ll be in each place and for how long, however this can and most likely will change as we travel. Below is a breakdown of our approximate itinerary for the next 8 months.

South America (Jan – Mid March)

We plan on spending between 3 and 4 months travelling South America, with between 2 and 3 weeks spent in each country. Below is the order of countries we’ll be visiting.

  1. Brazil
  2. Argentina
  3. Chile
  4. Bolivia
  5. Peru
  6. Columbia

USA (3 days)

We have a brief 3 day stop in LA – quite the culture shock from South America!

Fiji (Mid March – April)

We plan on spending between 2 and 3 weeks island hopping in Fiji. We figure this will involve us recovering from what will probably have been a pretty mad, hectic few months. The more money we have, the longer we’ll stay!!

New Zealand (April – June)

We’ve got a pretty long stint of 2- 3 months in New Zealand. Here we figure the finances will be running pretty low so finding a job ASAP will be a priority. We fly to the Aukland in the North Island where we plan on spending most of our time working (sigh). Out outward flight is from Christchurch in the South Island which gives us a good excuse to travel and experience the beautiful untouched moutnain ranges of New Zealand and pretend we’re in middle earth before leaving.

Australia (June – August)

We’ll fly to Sydney before spending 2 months working our way up the East Coast through Brisbane, along the Gold Coast to Cairns. Hopefully we’ll be doing this stint of the journey by camper van however that, like many aspects of this trip, may change.

Bali (1 week)

We’ll end our trip with 1 week relaxing on a beach in Bali, where we’ll hopefully have some time to look back and reminisce at an incredible 8 months spend travelling the world.