This blog will join us on our 8 month around-the-world adventure. We’ll update it as often as possible with photos, videos and posts from our trip doing our best to keep it as varied and light-hearted as possible. We’re not here to bore the pants off you by trying to be serious travel writers or go on about the ‘spiritual and emotional’ journeys that backpackers tend to love to talk about. Instead we’ll keep our updates as short and to the point as possible.

We’re guessing if you’re reading this then you probably know both us pretty well so we’ll keep the introductions to a minimum. In short, we’re Tim and Lauren. We met and became a couple whilst at university in Nottingham while I was studying Civil Engineering and Lauren English. After uni we spent a month InterRailing from the Czech Republic through Austria, Slovenia, Bosnia and Croatia before finishing in Montenegro. It was this trip that opened our eyes to the world of travelling and more importantly, proved we could spend a prolonged amount of time together without tearing each other’s heads off. We both love travelling, experiencing new cultures and trying new things – on the local food front, Lauren will likely be sticking to chicken nuggets so I’ll take a lead there.

So where are we going? Well our trip will begin in Rio where we’ll see in the New Year on Copacabana beach before embarking on a 3 month trip around South America. We’ll then depart Bogata, Columbia, spend 3 days in LA before jumping on a flight the sandy islands of Fiji where we’ll spend 2 weeks recovering from what we imagine will have been a pretty hectic few months. Next up is a 3 month stint in New Zealand where we’ll hopefully find work to fund our final 2 months travelling the East coast of Australia, from Sydney to Cairns, before ending our trip by collapsing on a beach in Bali. It’s going to be a jam packed, whirlwind of an 8 months and we can’t wait to share it with you all!